Great portraits are like families themselves:

They're not boring, they're not cheap, and they're totally worth it.

(Skip ahead if you just want the dollars and cents...)

Wait, did you say NOT cheap?

Think of it this way... have you ever said to the family, "Hey, let's eat somewhere cheap tonight"? Or, maybe thought, "Boy, I could really use a cheap car for the winter!" Probably not, right?

So, why would you leave life-long memories to the lowest bidder?

There is a time to be frugal. But we're talking about heirlooms here, not snapshots. If you want snapshots, grab a selfie-stick. No judgement, believe me.

But... if you're ready to take it to the next level, you and I are going to create the kind of prints and canvasses that your kids will fight over when they have families of their own. I can come to your door, if you're not into that whole 'studio' thing.


Rate $200.00

• Up to five people (additional "models" are $50 each).

• We can shoot at your place, but I have lots great locations to show you.

• Online proof gallery (usually about 30-40 images).


Rate $150.00

Each additional look: $50.00


Rate $100.00

I'm happy to sell you prints of your session, but I would much rather you own the digital images for your very own use. You may be like me, and need time to decide which prints and at what size you'd like them. Maybe you aren't sure if you want an album, or perhaps you have a huge family and everyone in it will need a 5x7 of every image. When you have the digital negatives, the choice is yours.

KonnorK Studios retains the copyright to all images - you are given print release that allows you to have your images printed with the lab of your choice, put up on Facebook and Instagram.

Within 5 working days after your shoot you will receive an online gallery with your ENTIRE session unretouched. These photos are 1200 pixels at a resolution of 240PPN. This is plenty large enough for online usage such as social media and casting sites.

Retouching is a flat fee of $45.00 per image , and then the client has final approval before its completion of 1200 pixels by 6000 pixels for all usage.